I believe that everyone can have a shot at real estate as long as you know what makes you..

Seeing people succeed while doing what they love fires me up. We all have mouths to feed and purposes to fulfill. I believe in the power of optimism and allowing yourself to be seen by others. I believe that by continually investing in yourself you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

I started my career as Realtor without any direction or strategy in mind. I was constantly throwing shit at the wall just hoping something would stick. From cold calling, to door knocking, to a $5000 postcard campaign that yielded one call from a guy asking me to pleaaase take him off my list!

So I got to work. 
With literally no budget at all, I found a way to leverage social media to market my business and earn over SIX FIGURES in LESS THAN SIX MONTHS!

I've formulated the methods and built the business blueprints that *I know* work - and now I'm here to help you do the same. 

Keep scrolling to choose the option that's suitable for where you are at in your business growth!


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1:1 Social Media Supersession


This is the DIYer's fast track to growing + scaling a repeat real estate business using organic social media strategies. In 90 minutes we'll uncover your unique brand + content strategy  that sets you apart from a crowded sea of Realtors.

  •  One 90 minute 1:1 session

  • Design an unforgettable online brand that's a lead generating machine.

  • Cure the overwhelm + shiny object syndrome. Get CLEAR on how to market + what to post.

  • Build confidence + get yourself in front of the camera consistently.

  • Grow your following + attract ideal clients to your business.

  • Save hours on social media so you can make time for what matters most to you.

  • Access to recording and notes from session

  • One month of Voxer support with Jamie (M-F) 


Social Academy


It's time to uncover the beliefs holding you back from turning your social into a magnetic, lead generating machine. In three weeks you will have the tools + the confidence to become a MAGNETIC 6-figure real estate agent.

  •  Three 60 minute 1:1 coaching sessions

  • Transform from comparing yourself to other to freely creating content. 

  • Overcome beliefs that cause you to feel afraid and step into your most authentic self.

  • Create a clear social media content strategy that takes away the confusion + second guessing.

  • Discover the JOY that you had when you first started your business so you can move past stuck + transcend into a successful, purpose driven entrepreneur.. 

  • Access to recording and notes from sessions

  • Sixty days of Voxer support with Jamie (M-F) 

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Hey! I’m Jamie Simonis, Realtor Mother and founder of Magnetic Agent Academy. 

I started my real estate career as a brand new mom and a college dropout. I was excited and ambitious, but lacked direction and marketing skills. It felt like no one trusted me and it was a never ending feat of finding people who actually wanted to work with me.

Over the years I've lost tens of thousands of dollars making bad investments in my business and have spent countless hours feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.

After hitting rock bottom and learning some very hard lessons, I pulled up my bootstraps and decided to learn how to truly market myself and stand out from a crowded sea of agents. By focusing on who my ideal client was, and clarifying my brand, I generated over 6-figures in real estate commissions in 6 months.


Now, I am on a mission to help other agents just like you grow and scale a simplified, calculated real estate business.


Let me be clear, you do not need a degree in marketing to be successful! You need a simple strategy and someone to hold you accountable throughout your transformation.

That's what I'm here for! To help YOU go from being overwhelmed & second guessing to a six-figure real estate agent.


Are you ready to create the business of your dreams?